Training/education and strategic advisory services

Training/Education and Strategic Advisory Services

Our analysts have broad experience in education. They have expertise in curating training programmes and providing strategic advice and analysis to government and commercial clients.

The Azure Forum training

Training session for officials of the Republic of Indonesia, organised by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) in collaboration with the Centre for Strategic and International Studies and supported by the Foreign Commonwealth Office and the Australian government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, November 2019.

The Azure Forum training

Caitríona Heinl providing a primer on UN cyber processes for expert invitees of the EU Cyber Direct Project/EU Institute for Security Studies in preparation for the first informal intersessional meeting/UN Open-Ended Working Group meeting in New York, December 2019.

The Azure Forum for Contemporary Security Strategy continues to be commissioned by the Irish Defence and Security Association (IDSA) to provide secretariat and advisory services since its establishment in 2021. The IDSA is a trade body representing the defence and security industry in Ireland with members spanning Irish SMEs, multinational corporations and research performing organisations. Alongside providing research support, the Azure Forum has supported the formal establishment, launch and subsequent diligent running of the organisation including on financial and board related matters; assists on membership growth and engagement; and provides timely information updates to members on matters of relevance.