Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

The Azure Forum Strategic Insights provide regular applied policy commentary on timely national and international peace and security issues written by our own analysts or leading experts from the public and private sector. The series aims to focus on issues relevant to Ireland, small states and the international community to navigate an interconnected but increasingly polarised world.

These articles will inform a wider audience of both specialists and the general interest reader.

Please find submission guidance notes below:

  • Ensure your draft is under 1,200 words unless necessary. We can discuss the length in the editing process.
  • Keep the article specific. Often the most successful articles have a narrow focus.
  • Cite your sources through the use of hyperlinks.
  • Provide a succinct 2-3 line synopsis to introduce the topic and argument. Remember not to introduce new material in your concluding paragraph.
  • The editors will make comments and suggested edits using “Track Changes”. Authors should respond to editors’ comments in “Track Changes” mode.
  • The review process generally requires 2-3 rounds of edits.
  • The better shape the article is in prior to submission, the faster the timeline to publication.
  • If your article is time-sensitive to a current event, please submit in advance and factor this into your submission.

Format and Style Basics:

  • Format text to Times New Roman, size 12.
  • Please use subsections throughout the article.
  • Abbreviations and Acronyms: Spell out the full name the first time it appears and use the acronym in subsequent instances. Please limit the use of acronyms.
  • Use the active voice at all times.