Executive staff and governance

Executive Staff and Governance

The Azure Forum for Contemporary Security Strategy (CLG) has established a multi-layered governance structure to facilitate our ambitions for research independence, research excellence, transparency and accountability. This governance structure will comprise a Board of Trustees, a high-level Advisory Council, and an Advisory Board of distinguished experts.

Our Advisory Council and Advisory Board will comprise experts from across academia, government and the private sector in equal measure in order to enable our vision to combat modern risk from different perspectives and disciplines. We will aim to achieve diversity in our members and a balanced representation of different points of view.

triple helix governance


The Trustees constitute our Directors for the purposes of the Companies Act governing Companies Limited by Guarantee (social enterprises).

The Advisory Board

Our strategic advisory board comprises distinguished experts from across different disciplines and sectors in order that the institute may draw upon their functional expertise.

The Advisory Council

The Advisory Council will comprise highly distinguished and accomplished leaders who provide advice, guidance, direction and leadership on overall strategic direction, thematic focus, and partnership to The Azure Forum. The Advisory Council helps to maintain and advance the high quality of The Azure Forum’s strategic outputs.

Our advisory council are thought leaders, both nationally and internationally.

Executive Staff

Among other experts, our Senior Vice-Presidents/Directors of Research Programmes will comprise key academics from Ireland’s major universities to ensure we are a nation-wide policy hub in name and substance.