Peace, security and defence during and beyond the Covid-19 Crisis: Lessons for future global crises

The Azure Forum 2020 Webinar Series

Peace, security and defence during and beyond the Covid-19 Crisis: Lessons for future global crises

The Azure Forum launched a series of webinars in June 2020 to understand the peace and security implications of Covid-19. While much of the global response to Covid-19 understandably surrounds pressing health matters, other social and policy counter-measures are clearly needed to tackle rising crime and security threats that are impacting health crisis management and the response to Covid-19. An array of additional – sometimes overwhelming – security risks are further impacting international peace and security in different ways throughout the current crisis. Experts are becoming increasingly concerned that the 2020 coronavirus outbreak could have longer term political ramifications. The indirect, and sometimes even direct, short and long term consequences of nefarious criminal and state pandemic-related activity on our collective future resilience, security, prosperity and societal wellbeing could be harmful and long-lasting.


This Azure Forum webinar has therefore been established to understand, track and critically examine key peace, security and defence questions that are exacerbated or manifesting during the Covid-19 pandemic with a view to identifying lessons for future crises of a global nature. It is hoped that these discussions will help policymakers to optimise national and international responses in the near to medium term by providing improved strategic choices that prepare our nations. Speakers in the series so far include the former Managing Director of the China Investment Corporation, the CEO of Ibec, the former Deputy National Security Advisor to the United Kingdom, the Head of the EU, Competition and Regulatory Law Group at Matheson, and the Director of the Oxford Internet Institute.

Events in this series so far include:

Project Lead: Caitríona Heinl, Executive Director

Project Team: Jack McCarthy, Junior Analyst

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  • Additional information to follow on related webinars running in October-December 2020.