directions blog

The ‘Directions’ blog was launched in May 2020. The blog is an independent platform for exchanging and discussing ideas – old and new ones – on Europe’s place in the digital world and world views on digital Europe. Through analysis, commentaries and interviews, Directions aims to stimulate a European debate and showcase the diversity of voices about the present and future of cyber and digital policies – at the national, European and global level. What are the possible directions it might or should take? What are the actions that might pave the way? With its international team of contributing editors and guest contributors, it aims to address two gaps. First, a unique European perspective is currently underrepresented – or dismissed – in international debates. The blog aims to amplify those voices. Second, European approaches often lack a broader reflection on the impact they have in other parts of the world. As Co-Editors-in-Chief, Caitríona Heinl and Patryk Pawlak work to ensure that commentaries and views explore policies and issues from the national, European and international perspectives. Directions is an initiative by the EU Cyber Direct project coordinated by the EU Institute for Security Studies, funded by the European Union.