Membership Options

Join Our Community: Membership Options

We have multiple options for membership, specifically tailored to suit your needs and ensure that you can get the very best from your membership of our growing community. Whatever your size, position or interests, you will find an option for you that will enable you to deal with modern risks in a proactive way.

There are two different types of support available: becoming a member of The Azure Forum, and supporting a specific research program.

Membership provides opportunities for:

  • Expert information and insight
  • Commentaries, analysis and direct access to research publications, helping develop your knowledge and understanding in critical areas
  • Unique events and experiences
  • Major flagship speeches through to intimate discussions with experts and practitioners
  • Networks, engagement and dialogue
  • Joint events, private briefings, expert updates and collaborative thought leadership

To discuss Individual Plus and Individual Exclusive Membership or Corporate, Governmental, Diplomatic, IGO, University or Research Membership please contact Neil Dee at to arrange a call. Neil would be happy to discuss the best membership option for your organisation.

Individual Memberships

Individual Memberships:

Individual Virtual Membership:

Cost: €100 Euro

  • Ideal for those based overseas.
  • Invitations to all online events.
  • Online access to publications.

Individual Regular and Student Membership:

Cost: Individual Regular: €150

Cost: Student: €85

  • Invitations to all events, both online and in person. Includes major flagship events.
  • Online access and printed copies of publications.