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We offer our individual and corporate members networking opportunities and cutting edge insights on the latest geostrategic trends.

This is especially impactful for corporations where the threat profile of companies across the globe is radically changing. Multinationals may be concerned about the impact of global security trends on their operations, and employee well-being. It may also be in a corporate’s own interest to support our initiatives that ultimately enhance our collective resilience.

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The Azure Forum for Contemporary Security Strategy is a non-partisan social enterprise providing strategic analysis and solutions to decision-makers globally. We rely on your support to help us navigate a more peaceful, secure, resilient and prosperous national and global future in the face of 21st Century risks. Our work would not be possible without the support we receive from individuals, private foundations, corporations, and government agencies.

We invite you to support us as we help our country and our world navigate toward a more peaceful and secure future.

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The Azure Forum

Azure Forum analysts at the United Nations, New York, December 2019.